What is EPE all about?

So what is EPE all about?

Everyday PE was founded by long time physical educator Jeff Colburn. The original concept came from his understanding that as our country changed into a more sedentary, media watching society, children were not getting the daily physical activity that they needed to live long and healthy lives. While physical education in schools has generally always been 1-2 days per week, children were no longer supplementing this with "at home" physical activity. Everyday PE became a slogan for Jeff and some of his colleagues: "We really need to have PE everyday!"

Unfortunately, local towns and school systems generally do not have the funds to provide children with daily physical education. However, Jeff believed that many folks would love to have their children participate in high quality daily physical education. Thus, EPE was born! Everyday PE takes the best that school PE has to offer, and blends in character development, recreation, and common sense "back yard" physical activity, into a dynamic health enhancing experience for kids.

It is not just about losing weight, or developing sport skills. Everyday PE is really about: 1.) Helping children to become more informed about their own health. 2.) Helping families to make daily exercise a fun and natural reality. 3.) Encouraging children to become more self reliant and responsible with their lives. 4.) Teaching children that everyone can learn and develop skills if they truly wish to. Everyday PE is in its 10th year. We hope to continue to grow and expand our philosophy to any town, school, or family that sees the great benefits of our program! What is EPE? It is the start of a healthy revolution!