Our Mission

Everyday PE celebrates ALL forms of physical activity!

The mission of Everyday PE is to provide high quality physical activity programs for children. As part of this goal, we strive to educate, motivate, and train both children and parents to be healthy lifelong "movers."

Guiding Principles:

  1. Everyone can achieve a healthy level of physical fitness.
  2. Children learn best in structured environments with knowledgeable, motivated and caring staff.
  3. All Everyday PE Programs should be an excellent blending of recreation, physical education, and real world, "back yard" fun.
  4. All staff members and instructors should strive to facilitate learning and growth in their students.
  5. Children can learn to be self reliant, self motivated, and responsible through high quality physical activities and training.
  6. Everyday PE values good citizens as much as we value good athletes, gymnasts or dancers!
  7. EPE participants should become good role models for others as they participate in other sport and physical education teams and programs.