Juice Plus


Starting this past fall, my family and I began taking Juice Plus daily supplements as a way to be sure that we were receiving the proper amount of fruits and vegetable nutrients as prescribed by doctors everywhere.  Juice Plus has come up with a few products that take "whole food" fruits and vegetables and turn them into daily chewables for kids (or adults) and capsules for adults.  If you would like to learn more about Juice Plus, or how you can begin taking these products, simply follow the link below.

The website has links to amazing research and details about Juice Plus, and how fruits and vegetables are lacking in most of our lives.

My family loves taking Juice Plus products because we look at it as a safety net for our health and diet.  Of course we try to eat our recommended daily amounts of fruits and veggies, but when we fall short, we feel good knowing that we have Juice Plus!

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