EPE Volunteer Program

Volunteers at EPE have to finish grade 8!

Everyday PE has a volunteer program to assist our coaches and students during our Summer Program.  Volunteers must be at least 14 and have finished the 8th grade.  Our Volunteer program is a "give back" program rather than a "counselor in training" program. Our volunteers participate in our program to share their love of physical education and fitness with younger students.

We train our volunteers and assign them to various coaches in the program.  Based on their abilities and interests, volunteers can be helpful as "assistant" coaches, group leaders, and motivators for younger participants.  They also perform many duties like setting up equipment, keeping the fields clean, organizing arts and crafts sessions, and much more.

To apply to become an EPE Volunteer please send an email to volunteer@everydaype.com and explain in detail why you would like to be an EPE Volunteer.  If selected, you will be contacted so that you can begin the registration process.